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Sometimes we need a fixed point

Find Your Joy

How Therapy Can Help

Find Your Joy

Life is like the ocean. Sometimes it is calm and sometimes there are storms, but it is always in motion; an everchanging landscape of rolling waves and unseen currents. It is vast and filled with possibilities, but without landmarks to guide us it can be difficult to navigate and we can sometimes become lost or feel overwhelmed. Things may even be going well, but we may still feel the need to pause and take stock. That's when we need to anchor, a fixed point where we can feel safe and secure, to have somewhere to gather ourselves, so we are ready to continue life's journey.
You may have a clear idea of why you want to start therapy or you may wish to start because you feel confused by emotions you don’t really understand and struggle to explain. Whatever brings you to therapy and wherever you are starting from, I am here to support you. Together we can dismantle patterns of thinking and behaviour that are causing you pain and distress, enabling you to improve the quality of your life and allowing you to fulfil your true potential.
Find your joy.

How I Can Help

Concerns I can offer support with include:

* Anxiety (General, Social, Medical) 

* Bereavement & Loss 

* Depression

* Disability

* Ex Services

* Family Trauma

* Fear & Panic

* Guilt & Shame 

* Health Issues & Long Term Illness 

* Life Transitions 

* Low Self-esteem


* Personal Development 


* Relationship Problems 

* Self Belief & Confidence 

* Stress   

* Suicidal Thoughts 

* Unblocking Creativity

* Workplace Relationships/Management/Senior Management


Just a few of the benefits therapy can offer:

*Increased resilience

*A happier, more relaxed outlook

*Reduced anxiety

*Greater self-confidence

*Improved interpersonal relationships

*Increased emotional literacy

*Increased assertiveness 

*Ability to put boundaries in place

*Stress relief

*Better sleep

*Resolution of trauma

*A clearer vision for the future

*A sense of purpose

*Fulfilling potential

*Unlocking creativity

My Story

I have lived with Parkinson’s Disease for almost 30 years. My journey towards a happy and fulfilled life has not been an easy one and the therapy I have undertaken along the way has been invaluable in helping me navigate what has often been a physically and emotionally difficult landscape. That’s why I decided to become a therapist and it’s why I am so passionate about supporting people who find themselves in any state of emotional distress. I know it is possible to get past the pain and to live the life you want and deserve.
Having Parkinson’s does not mean I have all the answers, but it does mean I have had to ask myself a lot of the questions. It has taken a very high degree of commitment for me to achieve my goals and I will bring that same high level of commitment to our work together in therapy. I am very committed to ongoing personal and professional development and engage in regular clinical supervision to ensure I am providing you with the very best service possible.

Our paths may not be exactly the same, but working together, with empathy and without judgment, in a safe, supportive and confidential environment, we can explore your experience and find a way forward that works for you.

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My Story

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA)  is a theory of personality and a system for personal growth and change. TA was founded by Eric Berne in the 1950s and 1960s and has been evolving ever since.

TA was originally developed as a new form of psychotherapy with an emphasis on open and equal dialogue between client and therapist. Because TA focuses on empowering individuals, as well as  understanding the relationships we form with others, it has been developed beyond the therapeutic field. It is now a well-established approach used in psychotherapy, counselling, education and organisational development.

As well as providing a theory of personality, Transactional Analysis offers a range of models that can be used to explain communication and relationships. These models can help identify what goes wrong in communication and how to interact for a better outcome. Many TA concepts are simple to learn and apply, making them very accessible and effective.

-United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis (UKATA)

What is Transactional Analysis?
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My Services

Individual Sessions 1 hour £60

Single Session Therapy 1 hour £65

Couples Sessions 1 hour £75

Sessions are also available on Zoom and by phone

My Services

My Therapy Space

No1 Old Hall Street

No1 Old Hall Street external

No1 Old Hall Street

No1 OHs waiting area 1

Waiting Area

No1 OHs Accessibility


Office from window
Office from door
My Therapy Space


New Clients Welcome

Suite 210

No1 Old Hall Street

Liverpool L3 9GH

07516 171 295


No1 Old Hall Street: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 12:15pm to 5:45pm

Liverpool Therapy Rooms: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 2pm to 5:45pm

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